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Francis Zwiers

Dr. Francis Zwiers is director of the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC) at the University of Victoria. His former roles include chief of the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis and director of the Climate Research Division, both at Environment and Climate Change Canada. As a research scientist, his expertise is in the application of statistical methods to the analysis of observed and simulated climate variability and change. Dr.

Abigaïl Dah

A bio for Abigail Dah is under development and will be available, soon.

Nina Nichols

Nina joined PCIC in September 2022 in a new role as the Indigenous Communities Climate Adaptation Coordinator. Prior to working with PCIC, she spent over 3 years working with First Nations across BC in marine and fisheries management, policy and research. Nina completed a BSc from the University of California Davis, where she focused on marine biology and inter-tidal ecosystems. After her bachelors she worked as a science educator for two years before completing her Masters in Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University.

Isabelle Lao

Isabelle Lao is a Climate Data Analyst at PCIC interested in the applications of data science to understand the natural world. Isabelle joined PCIC in 2022 and holds a BSc from the University of British Columbia in Chemistry and Oceanography. In the past she has worked with meteorological data from the Vancouver Island Weather Station Network to understand the temporal and spatial variability of nocturnal warming events in the Greater Victoria Region.

Tom Kunkel

Tom Kunkel is PCIC’s IT Specialist/Linus Administrator. Tom originated from West Africa, has lived in Spain, the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, and has spent much time in the Middle East. Now a proud Canadian citizen, Tom now lives in BC. He worked as a freelance consultant in design, development and architect roles in banking, logistics, oil exploration, customer support, manufacturing, and disaster recovery. Tom was an IBM PowerParallel SP and HACMP expert until he converted to Linux clusters.

Eric Yvorchuk

Eric Yvorchuk is a Programmer/Analyst with the Computational Support Group at the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium. His role consists of assisting in the development and maintenance of PCIC’s climate analysis tools and participating in the multi-institutional collaborative “Data Analytics for Canadian Climate Services (DACCS)” project, funded by a Canada Foundation for Innovation Cyberinfrastructure grant.

Pei-Ling Wang

Dr. Pei-Ling Wang has joined PCIC's Climate Analysis and Monitoring Theme as a Post Doctoral Researcher. Her work is focused on developing uncertainty estimates to accompany high-resolution climate data, integrating remote sensing data into PCIC’s climate maps, creation of high-resolution time-series maps of BC’s climate, characterizing climate extremes in BC, and developing data sets to drive hydrologic models.

Teresa Rush

Teresa joined PCIC in May 2021 and is the Administrative Assistant who provides administrative support to the Director, the Lead Planning and Operations and Administrative Coordinator to facilitate day-to-day operations. Prior to joining PCIC, Teresa worked for the University of Victoria for 20 years, providing administrative support in Accounting Services, VP Research, VP Finance and Operations, and the office of the University Secretary.

Teresa began her administrative working career in a hospital setting for 18 years before relocating to Victoria from Ottawa, Ontario.

Stacey O’Sullivan

Stacey O’Sullivan joined PCIC in February 2021 to support the User Engagement and Training Specialist in stakeholder engagement surrounding climate data and climate adaptation. Stacey completed her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences at the University of Waterloo in 2013 and spent six years working as an environmental technician in industry, consulting, and government contexts. She recently returned to Waterloo to complete a Master of Climate Change program, and is excited to apply her learnings in climate adaptation to her role with PCIC.

Travis Tai

Travis joined PCIC in September 2020 to work on salmon population risk assessments as part of the BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund. He will be working on integrating hydrological models and developing a climate change risk assessment framework  for salmon species across BC.


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