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Employment and Research Opportunities at PCIC

PCIC is seeking a Postdoctoral Scientist: Salmon Population Risk Assessment.

Postdoctoral Scientist: Salmon Population Risk Assessment

PCIC is seeking a Postdoctoral Scientist to study Salmon Population Risk Assessment. The Postdoctoral Scientist will undertake risk assessment and related research under climate change scenarios to characterize spatio-temporal risk levels at two life history stages (i.e. adult migration and egg-alevin incubation) for salmon conservation units in select BC drainages. This work will employ outputs of climate change projections of hydrological and thermal regimes to assess potential limits on the ability of salmon populations of wild- and hatchery-origin to sustain production or respond to restoration efforts among diverse BC watersheds. They will work at PCIC under the supervision of the Lead for the Hydrologic Impacts theme and will collaborate very closely with DFO scientists.

For more information, see the complete job posting.

Application: Please send your application including a cover letter, CV, and three professional references to Markus Schnorbus,, with “ATTN: Postdoctoral Scientist” in the subject line.