Providing Regional Climate Services to British Columbia

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Francis Zwiers - Director, President and CEO
Stacey O’Sullivan - Content Development and User Engagement Assistant
Teresa Rush - Administrative Assistant
Md. Shahabul Alam - Post-Doctoral Research Hydrologist
Markus Schnorbus - Lead, Hydrologic Impacts
Faron Anslow - Lead, Climate Analysis and Monitoring
Michael Shumlich - Scientific Information Specialist
Charles Curry - Acting Lead, Regional Climate Impacts
Stephen Sobie - RCI Analyst
Rod Glover - Web Front-End Developer
Qiaohong Sun - Post-Doctoral Scientist
James Hiebert - Lead, Computational Support
Travis Tai - Post-doctoral Scientist: Salmon Population Risk Assessment
Tom Kunkel - IT Specialist/Linux Administrator
Kari Tyler - User Engagement and Training Specialist
Samah Larabi - Hydroclimate Scientist
Kathy Veldhoen - Lead, Planning and Operations
Shelley Ma - Administrative Coordinator
Pei-Ling Wang - Climate Mapping Post-doctoral Fellow
Trevor Murdock - Lead, Regional Climate Impacts - On Secondment
Eric Yvorchuk - Programmer/Analyst
Dhouha Ouali - Research Associate
Lee Zeman - Hydrologic Programmer / Analyst


Mohamed Ali Ben Alaya - Research Associate
Marie Whibley - Assistant Programmer (Co-op)
Ada Sungar - Assistant Programmer (Co-op)