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Quintin Sparks


Quintin is a Programmer/Analyst at the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium's Computational Support Group. His principal responsibility is to enhance the development and implementation of advanced climate data analytics applications. In collaboration with provincial and national partners, his efforts are instrumental in informing government policy while assisting new stakeholders in utilizing climate data. These stakeholders include Indigenous Nations, critical infrastructure operators, and services organizations for equity-denied populations.

Quintin was motivated to pursue his B. Sc. in Geomatics by his passion for advancing technology and data visualization, and his inclination toward environmental stewardship. He aspires to apply his education to address real-world challenges through innovative solutions. He enjoys hiking and staying active through fitness activities. As a former Chef, cooking remains one of his passions, and he finds relaxation in gardening and reading.

  • BSc - Geomatics (Computer Science And Geography), University of Victoria