Communicating Research Findings and Supporting Planning

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Analysis Tools

PCIC provides analysis that is produced on a solid foundation of in-house expertise with regular and invaluable contributions by affiliated experts.


Design Value Explorer

Use the Design Value Explorer to access historical climatic design variables across Canada, in either map or table form, examine projected future change in design variables, and download maps and tables.



Use PCIC’s Plan2Adapt online tool if you’re only somewhat familiar with climate modelling but still interested in better understanding the impacts that climate variability and change may have on specific regions of British Columbia.


PCIC Climate Explorer

Use the PCIC Climate Explorer to visualize and download data describing projected future climate conditions for all of Canada.


Salmon Climate Impacts Portal

Use the Salmon Climate Impacts Portal to locate, visualize, summarise and download data describing projected changes to salmon exposure in the freshwater environment within the BC Coastal domain.


Seasonal Anomaly Maps

Use the Seasonal Anomaly Maps to access seasonal maps of average temperature and total precipitation departures from the 30-year climatology at observational weather stations in BC, for all months from 1972 onward.