Providing Regional Climate Services to British Columbia

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PCIC is a not-for-profit corporation at the University of Victoria that seeks to improve the delivery of regional climate services to key stakeholders in the Pacific and Yukon Region while remaining accountable to its Board of Directors and utilizing advice provided by its Program Advisory Committee (PAC).

Board of Directors

The PCIC Board of Directors includes representatives from a wide range of disciplines, resulting in a balanced and rational strategic vision. Current Board members include:

  • Lisa Kalynchuk (Chair), Vice-President Research & Innovation, University of Victoria

  • David Atkinson, Professor, Chair Department of Geography, University of Victoria

  • Jim Barnes, Manager, Corporate Initiatives, Engineering Services, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Julia Baum, Professor and President's Chair, Ocean Ecology and Global Change, Department of Biology, University of Victoria

  • Alain Bourque, Directeur Général, Ouranos

  • Stephen Déry, Professor, Department of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Northern British Columbia
  • Barbara Eccles, General Counsel, University of Victoria

  • Ellie Farahani, Manager, Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis, Environment and Climate Change Canada

  • Paul Kushner, Professor, Department of Physics, University of Toronto

  • Heather Matthews, Director, Generation System Operations, BC Hydro

  • Ian Mauro, Executive Director, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, University of Victoria

  • Xuebin Zhang, Director, President & CEO, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, University of Victoria

Program Advisory Committee

PAC members are drawn from the pool of consortium members and associates. The PAC provides direction and advice to the Director of PCIC on scientific content and priorities, stakeholder needs and participation in projects. Current PAC members include:

  • Tina Neale (Chair), Executive Director, Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation, BC Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness

  • Ron Burleson, Director, Planning and Land Use, BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs

  • David Campbell, Section Head, River Forecast Centre, BC Ministry of Forests

  • Jeremy Fyke, Coordinator, Canadian Centre for Climate Services, at Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Nathan Gillett, Manager and Research Scientist, Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis, Environment and Climate Change Canada 

  • Colin Mahony, Research Climatologist, Climate Change and Integrated Planning Branch, BC Ministry of Forests

  • Kate Miller, Manager, Environmental Initiatives, Cowichan Valley Regional District

  • Ian Pilkington, Chief Engineer, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Stephanie Smith, Manager, Hydrology and Technical Services, BC Hydro

  • Tim Takaro, Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

  • Stephanie Tam, Water Management Engineer, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

  • Francis ZwiersScientist Emeritus, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium