Providing Regional Climate Services to British Columbia

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Kristyn Lang

Climate Impacts Analyst and Knowledge Translator

Kristyn is a Climate Impacts Analyst and Knowledge Translator, working as a member of the Regional Climate Impacts team at PCIC. Her role focuses on obtaining and analyzing downscaled climate projections for climate risk assessment and assisting stakeholders in understanding climate data and its implications. Kristyn recently graduated with a B.Sc. in Earth Science (Honours) and a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria. Her research experience involves the use of models to understand Earth system dynamics on various temporal and spatial scales. Past research projects include dynamical downscaling of global climate models to assess regional climate change and statistical modelling of last interglacial sea level to understand global climate change on geologic timescales. Her current research is investigating the impacts of projected orographic precipitation changes on winter recreation in southern BC. Kristyn is passionate about communicating science in a manner that motivates social change and contributing to work that leads to real-world climate solutions.

  • B.Sc.,¬†School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (Earth Science, Honours, minor in Environmental Studies),¬†University of Victoria