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Arelia (Werner) Schoeneberg

Arelia (Werner) Schoeneberg is a hydrologist at the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium, where she is investigating the influence of climate change on streamflow for several major watersheds in BC. Her areas of expertise include hydrologic modelling, selecting global climate models, evaluating future projections and statistical downscaling. Arelia started at PCIC in 2006, holds a BSc in Environmental Science from UBC and a MSc in Geography from the Water and Climate Impact Research Centre at UVIC.

Trevor Murdock

Trevor Murdock is a climate scientist with an undergraduate degree in Physics and Astronomy Co-op from the University of Victoria (1995) and a MSc in Earth and Ocean Sciences from the University of Victoria (1997). Trevor currently leads the Regional Climate Impacts Theme at PCIC.

For the past 20 years, he has worked on applications of climate research to assist decision-making and planning. Trevor’s work has focused on climate scenarios and online mapping tools, downscaling to high resolution, analysis of historical climate data and improvement of seasonal climate predictions.

Michael Shumlich

Michael Shumlich serves PCIC as a Scientific Information Specialist, focusing on science communication and media. Michael has a BSc in physics and an MSc in atmospheric science from the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria, where his research focused on the climate impacts of shortwave radiation management geoengineering. Michael also has several years of experience in graphic design and communications.


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