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  • Posted: December 2, 2021

    Output from the newest generation of climate models participating in the sixth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6) is now available. These new models have updated representations of physical processes and will gradually supersede the CMIP5 output used in scientific research.

  • Posted: November 29, 2021

    The November 2021 issue of the PCIC Update is now out. It covers the following stories: Atmospheric River Brings Heavy Rains and Flooding to BC, PCIC Responds to Media Requests Regarding Recent Flooding, Comparing Climate Model Projections Across Canada, Modelling the Temperature of the Nechako, and Transportation Module on

  • Posted: November 27, 2021

    Throughout the recent atmospheric river event and the flooding that accompanied it, PCIC’s research team has been answering media requests, to share their knowledge of the climate system with the general public and place the recent atmospheric river event in the context of our current understanding of the climate system. In addition to the interviews and comments provided by PCIC Director Dr... more

  • Posted: November 21, 2021

    PCIC Director Francis Zwiers is among seven UVic researchers who were recently recognised by Clarivate Web of Science as among the most highly-cited researchers in their fields. The researchers recognised have published papers that are in the top one percent of the most-cited papers in their fields.

  • Posted: November 17, 2021

    Following a powerful atmospheric river event that broke at least 20 rainfall records across southern BC, PCIC Director Francis Zwiers was one of several experts contacted by the Canadian Press to provide some comments on the situation. Dr.

  • Posted: November 10, 2021

    PCIC is seeking candidates to fill two co-op positions: a Hydrology Analyst and an Assistant Hydrologic Programmer/Analyst. The information for these two opportunities is below.

  • Posted: October 26, 2021

    PCIC is seeking a Programmer/Analyst.

  • Posted: October 25, 2021

    This issue of the PCIC Update opens with the story, Assessing Changing Flood Risk, which covers a recent pilot project that PCIC has undertaken to provide guidance on design flood values.

  • Posted: October 13, 2021

    The Nobel Prize in Physics was recently awarded to three scientists whose work increased humanity’s understanding of complex systems: Drs. Syukuro Manabe of Princeton Universtiy, Klaus Hasselmann of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and Giorgo Parisi of Sapienza University. The inclusion of Drs.

  • Posted: October 8, 2021

    The PCIC 2020-2021 Corporate Report is now out. Over the 2020-2021 fiscal year, PCIC continued to push at the boundaries of knowledge in climate science.