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The Government of Canada Announces Design Value Explorer Release

The Government of Canada just announced the release of the Design Value Explorer (DVE). The DVE was developed by PCIC and this was made possible by support from Infrastructure Canada through the National Research Council of Canada’s Climate Resilient Buildings and Core Public Infrastructure initiative, and by the provision of meteorological station data by ECCC’s Meteorological Service of Canada.

The DVE is available in both English and French and provides Canada’s building professionals with historical and projected future design values for all of Canada that incorporate projected changes in climate. Design values are indices used in building and bridge design that provide information about temperature, wind, precipitation, and moisture. The tool makes these accessible via an interactive map, through which users can zoom in on regions of interest, display and download the values at any location, or access the values in a table of over 600 locations that match those found in the National Building Code of Canada. The tool also uses a novel spatial interpolation method developed by PCIC researchers to estimate values for locations in between weather stations, providing information for projects in regions that are located far from weather stations.

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