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New Canada-Wide Multivariate Downscaled Product Released

PCIC is pleased to announce the release of new downscaled model output that is now available on our Data Portal. This product uses a multivariate technique, N-dimensional Multivariate Bias Correction (MBCn), to downscale output from global climate models participating in the sixth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6). MBCn has excellent performance in downscaling single variables, while ensuring that relationships between variables like daily maximum temperature, daily minimum temperature and daily precipitation reflect the relationships seen in observations. This increases our confidence in projected changes in indices that describe compound events based on two or more variables. The new downscaling product, Canadian Downscaled Climate Scenarios – Multivariate (CMIP6), or CanDCS-M6 for short, provides coverage of all of Canada, at a gridded resolution of 300 arc-seconds (roughly 10 km) for the period of 1950-2100. The Data Portal page also includes information about the methods and models used. This work was supported by the Climate Research Division of Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Access the new CanDCS-M6 data.