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Design Value Explorer

About this Tool

PCIC’s Design Value Explorer (DVE) enables users to access historical climatic design variables across Canada, in either map or table form, examine projected future change in design variables, and download maps and tables. Climatic design values are used by engineers to determine some elements of the environment that buildings and other infrastructure may be exposed to. This information was produced by PCIC, in collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada and the National Research Council, to support updates to the National Building Code of Canada (2015, Table C-2) and the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC/ CSA S6 2014, Annex A3.1). Note that the information provided by DVE has not been fully reviewed and accepted for inclusion into updates to these codes, and thus should only be considered as advisory information.

  • For the historical period, Canada-wide maps and Table C-2 entries were created from the optimal interpolation of station observations using a regional climate model.
  • For future periods, change maps and Table C-2 entries were created from a regional climate model, covering most of Canada (up to 75°N). Each future projection is characterized by a global warming level in °C above a baseline period (1986-2016).

DVE allows users to:

  • View historical design values maps over Canada, with the option of overlaying station values;
  • Zoom in on particular regions of interest;
  • Display design values at an arbitrary location indicated on the map;
  • View future-projected change maps for any design value;
  • Examine design values and their future-projected changes at any of the specified locations in Table C-2 of the NBCC;
  • Download customizable maps in PNG format and tables in CSV format.

The features and capabilities of the tool are explained in the tool’s ‘Help' tab, with further information under the ‘About' tab. 

For information on the source data for DVE and the underlying methodology, see the document Design Value Explorer: Methodology and Background Information.

Terms of use:

The data provided by DVE are subject to PCIC's terms of use.