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13th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology

Located in the scenic Bow Valley in the Canadian Rockies, the town of Canmore, Alberta will be the setting for the 13th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology. The meeting will take place between June 6th and 10th, bringing together statisticians, climatologists and atmospheric scientists to discuss and hone the statistical methods that they use in their research.

Statistics is vitally important to scientific practice. It is one of the most important sets of tools by which we determine what our observations and data are trying to tell us. Indeed it is through the methods provided by statistics that we demonstrate that our data is saying anything at all. Statistics is also at the very heart of climate science, in large part because of the discipline's focus on the statistical properties of weather, including extremes, and how they change over time. From gathering observational data and subjecting it to quality control, to analyzing the structure of the data and constructing models to explain it, statistics is used throughout climate science.

The International Meetings on Statistical Climatology began in 1979, with the goal of bringing together scientists and statisticians in order to promote good statistical practice in climate and atmospheric science. The local convenor of this year's meeting is PCIC director Francis Zwiers. This year's meeting is sponsored by the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium and the World Climate Research Program.

See the official website for more information on the 13th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology, including sessions, registration and submission information, location and accommodations.