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PCIC Expands our Data Portal with Station Hydrologic Model Output

Since the launch of PCIC's Data Portal in 2012 with the BC Station Data Page, PCIC has been working to make more data available to scientists, planners and consultants interested in the climate of the BC-Yukon Region. To this end, PCIC is pleased to announce the release of the newest portal page: Station Hydrologic Model Output which joins PCIC's other portal pages: BC Station Data, High Resolution PRISM Climatology, Statistically-Downscaled Climate Scenarios and VIC Hydrologic Model Output. The Station Hydrologic Model Output portal page provides modelled streamflow data for over 120 sites located in four basins in British Columbia. These projections were made at PCIC with the Variable Infiltration Capacity hydrologic model, using statistically-downscaled output from global climate models that were run using three different future emissions scenarios. Projections are available as daily time series from 1950 until 2098. PCIC gratefully acknowledges the BC Government and BC Hydro for funding that made this project possible.

Visit the new Station Hydrologic Model Output Data Portal Page.