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November Workshop:Quantifying Future Water Availability in a Changing Climate

On November 18th, the Canadian Water Resources Association's BC Branch is holding a workshop in Vancouver at which PCIC scientists will be discussing their hydrologic projections for four watersheds in BC: the Fraser, Peace, Campbell and Columbia. This hydrologic modelling work began in 2007 and is an attempt to quantify what hydrologic impacts climate change may have on these watersheds. The researchers will be discussing their methodology and results, as well as the uncertainties and limitations of their projections. In addition, these projections, which include gridded surface runoff, baseflow, evaporation, snow water equivalent, and soil moisture for an area of 430,000 km2 at a resolution of approximately 30 km2 will be made available online via PCIC's Data Portal, through an intuitive point-and-click interface. The release of this Data Portal will also be discussed.

See the event page for this workshop, register online or see the workshop agenda.