Providing Regional Climate Services to British Columbia

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New Publication: PCIC Corporate Report 2013-2014

For its sixth annual Corporate Report, PCIC is looking back at its past five years as a regional climate service provider, in part to celebrate the successful outcome of its recent comprehensive 5-year review. The PCIC 2013-2014 Corporate Report details some of our major projects over the review period to trace the development of PCIC's research and climate service delivery capabilities. This covers a wide range of areas, from hydrologic modelling, statistical downscaling and developing seasonal climate maps, to the creation and expansion of web services that deliver data and analyses on demand to our users, and the more in-depth analyses that PCIC publishes to support planning and decision making. The Report also acknowledges our many public and private-sector partners, details our scientific productivity, events and outreach activities, and shares the perspectives of the Director and Chairs representing the Board of Directors and Program Advisory Committee.

The PCIC Corporate Report 2013-14 is available electronically from our publications library at the University of Victoria.