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PCIC Science Brief: The Projected Timing of Climate Departure from Recent Variability

PCIC is pleased to announce the release of our next Science Brief. PCIC Science Briefs are a regular series of brief reports on recent climate science literature, relevant to stakeholders in the Pacific and Yukon Region of Canada. PCIC has developed these briefs because we recognize the need for a bridge between the cutting edge of climate science research and the various stakeholders who need access to this knowledge, in plain-language reports, filtered for regional relevance, and suitable for consideration in planning and adaptation. The PCIC Science Briefs contextualize and explain the results and implications of important scientific findings.
This Science Brief covers a recent article by Mora et al. in the journal Nature. Their work explores when annual mean surface temperatures are projected to move outside the range of recent variability, both globally and regionally. Their findings suggest that climate departures are not globally uniform and that the climates of tropical and low-income countries are projected to shift outside the range of recent variability before other areas.
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Mora, C., et al., 2013: The projected timing of climate departure from recent variabilityNature502183-187. doi:10.1038/nature12540.