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Climate change impacts do not affect every region of British Columbia in the same way. The Plan2Adapt tool generates maps, plots, and data describing projected future climate conditions for regions throughout British Columbia. It is designed to help you assess climate change in your region based on a standard set of climate model projections. It is similar to the Regional Analysis Tool and uses the same data to generate its output. With a simpler user interface and fewer configurable options Plan2Adapt is designed to serve the needs of those involved in local and regional community planning.

After exploring the projected climate changes for your region, you may also want to visit Retooling for Climate Change, a website for examining climate change impacts in preparation for adaptation in BC.

Watch a webinar on how to use Plan2Adapt. 
Watch a webinar on why you might want to use Plan2Adapt or other PCIC tools.

Important Information About the Data Used in Plan2Adapt and Planned Updates:

Please note that the Plan2Adapt tool currently uses climate model projections from 2012. The recently launched PCIC Climate Explorer tool makes use of more recent downscaled climate model projections. The overall sensitivity of the climate models to greenhouse gas emissions is similar in both sets of model projections. However, Plan2Adapt follows the general practice in 2012 of combining high and medium emissions scenarios (SRES A2 and B1) to construct a range of projected change. The newer set of emissions scenarios used by the PCIC Climate Explorer also includes both high and medium emissions scenarios: RCP 8.5, which is roughly similar to SRES A2, and RCP 4.5, which is roughly similar to SRES B1. A very low emissions pathway of RCP2.6 is also available. Since it is not feasible to combine all three scenarios, most users have moved towards considering emissions scenarios separately, with a focus on RCP 8.5 for adaptation. Comparisons between current Plan2Adapt results and more recent projections following RCP8.5 will show a much narrower range of projected change, particularly on the lower end. This is mostly due to the shift in practice away from combining emissions scenarios, rather than the differences between RCP8.5 and SRES A2 or between newer and older climate model projections.

A rewritten Plan2Adapt that utilizes CMIP5 scenarios from the PCIC Climate Explorer is well underway and is expected to be released no later than March 31, 2020.

Tool Quick Start

Choose your desired settings from the form below and click 'Continue'. You will be taken to a summary table overview for the region you selected. From there you can explore each climate change variable individually via its corresponding menu tab on the left. You may also access a summary of possible impacts based on the projected climate change for the region in the ‘Impacts’ tab. At any time you may choose a different region, time period or season by visiting the ‘Region and Time' tab. Additional explanatory notes are provided under the 'Notes' tab.


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