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Regional Analysis Tool

Please note: The Regional Analysis Tool will be discontinued in September, 2019. It is being replaced with the PCIC Climate Explorer (PCEX) tool.

Use the PCIC Climate Explorer.

PCIC's Regional Analysis Tool generates maps, plots and data describing projected future climate conditions for the Pacific and Yukon Region. It uses an ensemble of more than 15 Global Climate Model (GCM) and SRES emissions scenario combinations provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The Regional Analysis Tool allows you to:

  • select from a set of predefined regions and generate maps, plots and data pertaining to that region for a specific time horizon (e.g., 2050s, 2080s, etc.)
  • define your own custom region and generate maps, plots, and data pertaining to the area you specify
  • generate maps showing projected changes for a specific region under one or more GCMs, with included grid boxes highlighted
  • acquire metadata from a specific region from all of the selected GCMs, with the option of displaying percentiles across selected GCMs
  • compare specific climate variables for each GCM ensemble
  • plot how climate variables change over time for each GCM ensemble
  • display box plots for each future climate projection over the GCM ensemble

The Regional Analysis Tool is similar to PCIC's Plan2Adapt tool and uses the same data to generate its output. With a more complex user interface and greater number of configurable options the Regional Analysis Tool is designed to serve the needs of those involved in climate modelling and impact studies.

Use the following links for more help on how to use and access the Regional Analysis Tool:

Read the Tutorial/Help

Start using the Regional Analysis Tool