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Yaqiong Wang

Research Associate

Yaqiong Wang is a Research Associate at PCIC . She is currently working on producing updated climate design data that accounts for projected changes in various meteorological variables, such as snow, temperature and precipitation. Yaqiong’s research interests include climate variability analysis, climate extremes and resilience. She is also interested in understanding climate-related risks and risk management.

Yaqiong did her MSc. at PCIC under the supervision of Drs. Francis Zwiers and David Atkinson (UVic Geography). Her thesis work was centered on an Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) funded data homogenization project in which she worked with Dr. Faron Anslow. For this work, nearly 800 station locations in BC were quality controlled and more than 300 locations were processed for statistical homogenization. Based on PCIC homogenized data and ECCC’s data products, Yaqiong further assessed BC’s climate trends in order to better understand climate change in BC


MSc., Geography, University of Victoria
BSc., Atmospheric Science, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology

Selected Publications: