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Yaqiong Wang

MSc Student

Yaqiong Wang is an MSc student with the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium and the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria. She is co-supervised by Francis Zwiers and David Atkinson (Department of Geography). Her work at PCIC focuses on Data Quality Control and Homogenization in the Williston Basin region, for the improvement of data quality in British Columbia networks.

Before joining PCIC, Yaqiong received her BSc in Atmospheric Science from Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology (NUIST), formerly known as Nanjing Meteorological Institute. At NUIST, she focused on climate modelling in the last two years of her studies. Her undergraduate thesis “Simulation and Prediction of the Summer Asian- Pacific Oscillation (APO) Index Based on the CMIP3 Project” measured the ability of coupled models to simulate the APO Index, which represents a zonal thermal contrast between Asia and the North Pacific by comparing the result with the NCEP reanalysis data set.

Yaqiong is motivated to have an impact against the damaging effects of weather and climate disasters. She pursues both natural science and activism to achieve her goal. Yaqiong got involved in various projects and internships to put her knowledge into practice. At NUIST, she organized community workshops on weather emergency protocols and she had an internship at Meteorological Bureau where she analyzed local weather systems and practiced forecasting. In Victoria, she volunteered as coordinator for a series of sustainable activities in the local Victoria community. One of these is collaborating with the BC Sustainable Energy Association on building a clean and sustainable future by changing communities’ energy options.


BSc in Atmospheric Science, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology